Historic Preservation Project of the Church of the Abughamrents (1040?) 

Ani Archaeological Site, Kars – Turkey

Client/Funding Agency: Turkish Ministry of Culture & Tourism

2008, works started in 2010

Project: The medieval city Ani flourished in the 10th Century when the famous trade route, known as Silk Road, moved to the North. Armenians, Georgians, Kurds and Turks ruled and contributed to the city until a disastrous earthquake in 1319. It was finally abandoned following the Mongolian invasion in 1331 together with the development of new trade routes.

The Church of the Abughamrents built or restored in 1040 as a funerary church surfaced after a few decades following the construction of the Cathedral and Gagikashen church during the reign of Pahlavuni princes. Conservation proposal brings archaeological excavations, emergency stabilization works; structural health monitoring, and temporary shelter design for the roofs. 

Services rendered: 2008 - 3D Laser Scanning-Survey, documenting, historical research, various analyses, design, working drawings, details, and engineering drawings.