Design of a Cluster in Kaleiçi historic district

Kars, Turkey

Client/Funding Agency: Global Heritage Fund 


Project: Kars citadel area was completely renovated and rebuilt within 28 days when Ottoman army led by Lala Mustafa Pasha arrived in 1579. Later the city extended and new houses, public baths, churches were built. Some of the houses survived but mostly demolished or substantially changed up until today.

Global Heritage Fund and Kars Municipality initiated a project to save the remaining heritage and to re-establish and integrate the historic center to Kars city.  

Design of new dwelling type while trying to re-establish the historical references both in planning and urban design, it also introduces the original features of the rapidly vanishing traditional houses via a typological study. The privately owned houses have been planned with guestrooms for visitors, a small traditional kitchen modeled after the traditional roof design with wooden beams. 

Services rendered: Survey, conceptual design, design development.