Historic preservation projects of traditional houses in Kars Kaleiçi District (4,300 sqm)

Ottoman Houses


Client/Funding Agency: Global Heritage Fund and Kars Municipality

2005- 2007


Project: Kars citadel was completely reconstructed within 28 days when Ottoman army led by Lala Mustafa Pasha arrived at 1579. Later the city extended with the construction of new houses, public baths, mosques and churches. 

Global Heritage Fund and Kars Municipality initiated a comprehensive project to save the remaining heritage and to re-integrate the historic center to the city. Historic preservation project aims at documenting and preserving of these houses survived to date. 

A group of traditional houses labeled as "Ottoman Houses" were surveyed and documented, and they were designed to serve either as guest houses or spaces for traditional cuisine. Works were limited to temporary emergency stabilizations due to the incapacity of the Municipality.

Services rendered: Survey, documenting, historical research, various analyses, design, working drawings, details, architectural consultancy.