Historic preservation project of an archaeological edifice—Hightower, 2nd Century B.C.

(Diocaesarea) Uzuncaburç—Silifke, Turkey

Client/Funding Agency: Ministry of Culture and Tourism


Project:  Luwis, who spoke Luwian (second millenium B.C.) are believed to have migrated from the 2nd level of Troia and settled in Rough Cilicia. High tower, the 2nd-century B.C. construction, the home-office of the priest-kings (Teukrid’s) who ruled the area for a long time, was built in two different construction stages to guard the holy site of the Zeus temple.

Within the scope of the work we have surveyed, documented and prepared the measured drawings of the 23 meter high Hellenistic tower with visibly (now absent) 5 floor levels, analyzed its problems and set the principles for future restoration work..

Services rendered: Survey, documenting, measured drawings, historical research, and analyses of the problems.