Historic preservation project for a 5thcentury basilica—Alacami (1150 sqm) 

Kadirli—Osmaniye, Turkey

Client/Funding Agency: Ministry of Culture and Tourism

2001-2002, first phase works 2004-2005

Project: Alacami, a 5th century basilica over a subterranean vaulted chamber, is the only-standing monument in the East necropolis of the Roman town Flavias or Flaviapolis. Various construction phases include additions such as a narthex and a portico to the original three aisled basilica; a small 11th-century church that uses the apse of the partly demolished basilica, a mihrab and a minaret in the 15th Century when it was converted into a mosque. In 1960s Halet Çambel together with her Karatepe team started the excavations which revealed mosaic floors and in-situ column bases besides other findings. 

The aim of the conservation project is both to stabilize the monument and convert it into a museum in the future. Proposal brings various phases of interventions, research, analyses and continuous monitoring.  First phase of works—emergency stabilization and mosaic restorations—were completed in 2005.

Services rendered: Survey, documenting the site and various phases of construction, historical research which included integrating and updating excavation surveys of the 60s and 1997-98 by Richard Bayliss, measured drawings, preliminary design, cost estimates. 

Award: “Kadirli Alacami Historic Preservation Project,” 2nd National Historic Preservation Competition, 2008, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ankara p.35-41